What is Wash Then Fold?

WashThenFold gives you the power to request on-demand dry cleaning and laundry with the tap of a button. We provide laundry services to deliver the most convenient, high quality pickup and delivery experience.

How Does It Work?

You schedule an order pickup via the WashThanFold app. Your driver shows up with laundry bags. We collect your belongings, answers any questions you may have about your order, and take any special requests. You're notified via SMS when the order is clean and ready for delivery

What's The Turnaround Time?

Items are cleaned and ready for delivery 24 Hours. 48 hours for special care items

How long does a pick-up/delivery take?

Our drivers arrive within the 60-90 minutes slot you've selected

Do I Need To Fill Out A Ticket?

Nope! You can enter special requests in the app when placing your pickup. Your driver will take note of all special requests and cleaning needs. We'll email you an itemized receipt when your cleaning is complete so you have all the details

Do I Need To Be Home?

Yes, you need to be home for pickups and delivery - unless noted otherwise

What's Your Schedule

WashThenFold is open for pickups Monday to Friday 06-08 am and deliveries Monday to Friday 08-10 pm.
Please let us know if you like to have your order picked up outside hours and we will schedule to accommodate you.

What locations do you service?

San Francisco, CA

Where do my clothes go?

Your clothes are cleaned at our facility

What happens if I miss a pickup/delivery?

There is a $5.00 "no-show" fee.

Will you take my old wire hangers and clothes donation?


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